From Overwhelmed to Feeling Well

Available Program Options

1:1 Private Coaching
(Personalized plan and 8 weekly one hour private video coaching sessions)
Group Coaching
(create your own 4+ member guidance group for 12 weekly video sessions )
(personalized plan and monthly private video meetings – unlimited)
Self-Paced Courses
(coming soon – for health, wellness and weight loss transformation)

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Dr. Catherine H. Toomer

I graduated from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine with a strong foundation in holistic medicine.

My holistic approach to health and wellness was reinforced when specializing in Community Health and Family Medicine at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

I began in community health centers 25 years ago helping medically complicated patients improve their health and wellness, often with weight loss

Then I had a health crisis of my own and created what is now the Whole-You Total Weight Loss™️ program and lost 60 and kept it off.

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Whole-You Total Weight Loss™️ group program is an 12-week live coaching group designed to walk you to a personalized plan that you can use for the rest of your life. If you want a program with no judgement, no shame, that will guide to a healthy relationship with food and your scale all while making sense. No crazy diets, no outrageous workout plans, just a sensible personalized plan created with YOU in mind, by me – a doctor who lost 60 pounds and kept it off.

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Are you tired riding the weight loss rollercoaster?
Does yo-yo mean more to you than just a toy?
Are you worried about your health, and want a doctor’s guidance?
Do you struggle with body dissatisfaction?
Is emotional eating an issue for you?
Do you want to be more physically fit, but don’t want to become a gym rat?
Are you overwhelmed by all the weight-loss information out there?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, then this program is right for you

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Twenty years ago I was morbidly obese, overwhelmed, and newly diagnosed with a debilitating heart condition.  I took charge of the only part of my health that I could at the time – my weight. 

I quickly learned that:

  • Many of the weight loss “specialists” I spoke to, never had a weight problem and couldn’t fully relate to the psychological and social issues of weight loss …
  • Many weight loss programs are based on shaming and guilt…
  • I have limited will power when it comes to food…
  • Most programs included exercise and for health reasons, exercise was not an option.

Despite all that, I lost 60 pounds

How?  By paying attention to where small and easy food and non-food changes had a big impact. I went from an insulin dependent diabetic to a diet controlled diabetic within months.

I’ve now taken the best of my patient, clients, and personal weight loss successes and created…Whole-You Total Weight Loss™

Executive Private 1:1 Coaching

For a few qualified individuals, this is a personalized plan followed with one-on-one health coaching and weight loss counseling in at least 8 weekly sessions to walk through the plan step-by-step. This is best for those with busy schedules who need flexibility with scheduling and willing to invest in their health and wellness. Schedule a screening session to see if this is a good fit for you.

Group Coaching Program

Whole-You Total Weight Loss™️ group – A group coaching program with twelve weekly video sessions to learn the Whole-You Total Weight Loss™️ customizable program in a safe and judgment-free community for added support and accountability. The groups are kept small and sessions usually last an hour. Questions, discussions, and sharing is encouraged. Once completed, you will know exactly what works for you to lose weight and keep it off.

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“Dr. Toomer is absolutely fabulous. She is not your typical “weight loss doctor”. She truly listens to you and works to find the root cause of your weight struggle. Then she gives you the tools to achieve lasting weight loss. I’m so appreciative of Dr. Toomer and her awesome service. I recommend her to ANYONE who is struggling with their weight. Thank you for your amazing work!” – Kereese G.

I am Catherine H. Toomer, M.D. – a Community Health and Family Medicine physician – founder of Health Wellness and Weight Loss Centers, LLC and creator of The Whole-You Total Weight Loss Program™ using my over 20 years of experience helping patients and clients, maximize their health and wellness through weight loss – the weight you see and the rest of the weight you feel.

For qualified clients I offer group and 1-on-1 coaching and counseling with a personalized program created from your unique food preferences and nutritional requirements, physical and mental health needs, and weight loss goals.

I use the methods I developed to lose my 60 pounds and to help other lose much more. To put it simply: I was stressed, overweight, and overwhelmed doctor who lost weight to get well, and guide others through the same.

“Dr. Toomer is a wealth of knowledge, very down to earth and her approach is OUTSTANDING! She focuses on total body wellness not just weight loss. I HIGHLY recommend you take the time to connect with her!” – Kurt M.

The process starts with…


a complete and comprehensive health, medical, and medication history to determine how your body feels and how it functions, then each is addressed to create your plan with medical recommendations to maximize your health.


a comprehensive behavioral health assessment to determine how you feel emotionally and function socially, then offer specific recommendations to avoid pitfalls, enhance good habits, and achieve sense of ease and well-being.


a detailed food / beverage diary and a complete weight loss and weight gain history (including prior successes and present obstacles), to create an easy to follow plan specific to your eating patterns and preferences.

continues with…


Face-to-face telemedicine visits to walk you through your personal plan – step by step (pajamas optional). All visits are through your secure HIPAA compliant chart portal. No sign up, no sign in, just click the link sent via text or email at the time of your appointment.


Although much of the science of weight loss is established, the art of weight loss is unique to your goals and needs. Individualized biopsychosocial testing and dietary DNA testing are optional tools available for evaluation.


All clients have direct access to me – with any updates, concerns, or any questions.


This is not medical treatment and is not to replace your doctors care, but I will provide medical recommendations you can take back to your doctors if you choose.

and ends with…

“…Not everyone is the same, so what works for me may not work for you. Please seek a medical doctor who won’t push pills to “make” you lose weight. Your body can do it on it’s own! Grateful for Dr. Toomer and her willingness to listen…”Melanie I.

give yourself the gift of your lifetime